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The Best Furniture Arranging/Room Planning Kit

This room planning kit was designed by professional interior designer, Robin Strangis, ASID. The kit contains over 120 magnetic furniture templates in the most common shapes and sizes representing various sofas, chairs, tables, even pianos. The kit also contains blank magnetic material for creating your own custom templates and easy to follow instructions.

The magnetic grid board and furniture templates are in 1/4" = 1'0" scale, the most common scale used by architects and builders. The instruction booklet includes floor planning tips, color tips, and paper templates for various sectional configurations that can be used for making custom templates. The durable, magnetized folder contains basic drafting symbols and a storageboard that corresponds with the furniture shapes. The entire kit is contained in a durable clear vinyl envelope for easy storage.

Unlike cheaper, paper kits, the templates are printed on white vinyl, and is durable and totally reusable. This magnetic product can be used to create impressive floorplans that can be photo-copied to make permanent floor plans. Color can be added to the photo-copied plans for additional detail.

This is the fastest, easiest, way to determine room arrangements before you actually move anything. No computer is needed and very little drafting knowledge is required. Used by interior designers, architects, realtors, builders, furniture sales people, and anyone thinking about redecorating or building a house, this kit can prevent you from making costly mistakes by
helping you determine the sizes and placement of things.

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